Tuesday, July 17

Life's a zoo

Ok, it's official. School holidays drive me insane.

I love my children, I really do, but honestly whoever decided that kids need holidays from school clearly had a nanny or owned a clown or some other form of child entertainment. Oh no, hang on, I get it, it was a MAN wasn't it?! A man who obviously never had to be the one staying home looking after them during the never-ending, crazy-making, please-somebody-kill me school holidays.

Today has, so far, been about 38 and a half hours long. Whenever I desperately look at the clock it's only 5 minutes later than it was last time. Why? Oh why? I just want to feed them dinner, get them bathed, read a couple of stories and get them the hell to bed and pour myself a LARGE gin & tonic. But no, today has been an endless, non-alcoholic stream of 'Groundhog Hours'. I've never been so desperate for a drink and tea just isn't cutting for me today.

I can hear all my Northern Hemisphere friends sympathising, 'yes' they say 'summer holidays are certainly a challenge'. Well, here's the thing folks, it's not summer here. I'm talking about the two week mid-term winter break. Two weeks! And I'm going mental! You see it's raining. We can't go out because of it. It's so dark and dismal and wet that I can't even see if the sun is over the yard arm so that I can have a drink. So we're holed up here drawing, making stuff, watching movies and trying not kill each other.

Fortunately this is the second week so if I can just get myself through the next 3 days we'll be home free. Now, where's the Margarita Mix.......


Caroline in Rome said...

Know exactly how you feel. Here in Rome, I can't take the Bambina out after noon because it is just way way way tooo hot. So I try to get her to take a long nap but once she wakes from her nap, she is up until 10 at night.

It wasn't always that Mom was with no other adults and just small children to talk to all day long. It is totally natural to be going bonkers in that kind of environment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline
I feel your pain, the summer here is the same so I've got that to look forward to.

Lovely to know that we can all go bonkers together online.