Friday, July 6

15 minutes of fame

You'd think, wouldn't you, that my newfound freedom would result in endless blogging about my new life and how exciting it is. Well, it is pretty exciting from an 'I DON"T HAVE TO GO TO WORK ANYMORE!!' perspective, and it is nice to be home and baking bread every day again and getting up an hour and a half later than I previously had to on work days (yes, you did read that correctly, an hour and half, it's worth it for that alone). And I am enjoying the generally more relaxed feeling that we all have now. But isn't it funny how one kind of busy-ness can so quickly be replaced by another kind of busy-ness? First of all there's the business - working on the website - no, don't ask, I'd have to make you bleed. Then there's the general family stuff. Like making a frog costume. Oh yeah, a FROG costume.

Aislin goes to Fairy Ballet and very cute it is too. Except for the 'concert' at the end of every term. Well, that's cute as well but it requires a costume, and this term hers is a frog. The concert is really just a short demonstration of what they've learned during the term, 15 minutes to be exact (come on..they're four years old - their attention span doesn't allow for longer than that). But it means that a costume must be made for a 15 minute demo - which is tomorrow. I am oh-so-happy about that as you can probably imagine.

When they send the notice home, telling us what part our amazingly talented children will be playing, they also take the opportunity to advertise their costume maker who will run us up a fabulous ensemble for our offspring at the special members only price of $50. Now we've already established in previous posts that I can be pretty average in the parenting department so I am sorry, I am not paying $50 for a 15 minute frog costume. So I decided to turn down their generous offer and make it myself. I realise the resulting abomination costume may cause Aislin to be scarred for life and in therapy for years but shit happens.

So today (and I also like to leave everything to the last minute) I will be donning my creative hat and making a kind of vaguely froggy outfit.

I'll post a photo.

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