Monday, July 9

Mummy said a bad word....

I heard the above comment several times on Saturday morning as I put the finishing touches to the frog costume and attempted to apply face paint to a four year old. I've decided that if I ever have to paint her face again it will only be done under a general anaesthetic (for her, not me although perhaps....). Anyway, in the car on the way there she picked half the face paint off so that in the end she resembled a leprous black and white minstrel....only green.

The concert went well and the costume held up and Aislin seems relatively unscathed emotionally. She forgot all her cues (they all did) and spent most of her time on stage waving at us, but she had fun and so did we.

Unfortunately the photos didn't work out, the light was bad and the camera is still playing up (I will buy a new one soon) but if I can photoshop it I might get it to the stage it can be exhibited.

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