Thursday, September 6

Timey wimey stuff...

For fans of Dr Who you will recognise the title of this post as an accurate scientific term - if you're not fans of Dr Who then I'm sorry I can't help you.

Well, there appears to be a tear in the space and time continuum because I went to bed on Monday night and the next thing I knew it was Thursday morning. I have no idea how this happened (no, I wasn't drunk) but it's happening a lot lately. Right now I cannot keep up with the speed at which time is passing. I note, with increasing panic, that it is only 3 weeks until the next school holidays. Which has to be impossible because we only had the last school holidays what seems like 4 days ago and frankly if you hit me with more school holidays right now I may implode. I say implode rather than explode because exploding sounds decidedly messy and let's face it, it will be me cleaning it up so we'll stick to imploding thanks.

I really do try to stay positive and upbeat about this 'time flying' thing - you know saying things like...'woo hoo, it's nearly Christmas' (eeeek!) but all I can see hurtling towards me are school holidays, Uni assignments and yes, Christmas - and I'm not a fan of Christmas.

I can't believe I was babbling on about hippies and hommous a few days ago when my life is disappearing before my very eyes!! What to do, what to do. I guess there's not much I can do, just brace myself and hold on in the sure and certain knowledge that Christmas is coming and on that day time will come to a standstill for 24 hours and I'll be doing some more imploding.

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