Wednesday, September 19

Whinging Wednesday

Ok so I'm about to bitch (and curse) a bit so if you're not in the mood for it or don't like swear words stop!

So, today I picked up Aislin from kindy and noticed that once again, she hadn't eaten her snack and as soon as she got into the car she's madly opening her lunchbox and asking if she can please eat her cheese and crackers now. Of course I say yes and she starts to eat ravenously. I have noticed a bit of a pattern with this, she quite often doesn't eat her cheese and crackers at kindy but then wants them in the car and seems pretty hungry. So today I asked her why she isn't eating her cheese and crackers (I have asked before and not received a straight answer - that's 4 year olds for you) and she says 'because the teacher says we're not allowed to eat chips' (crisps). I say 'I beg your pardon?' and she repeats it. I tell her that they are not chips they are rice crackers and she says 'I know but the teacher saw me eating them one day and said we weren't allowed to bring chips to kindy'. Excuse me here...curse alert.....what.... the..... fuck?????

I have two problems with this, firstly I spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure that both of my children have healthy balanced lunches, wholegrain sandwich, 2 fruits and cheese and veggie sticks and a couple of plain, no salt, rice crackers or some variation on that. I am extremely pissed off that my child is going hungry because the teacher (mistakenly) decided that the snack was not appropriate, I am equally pissed off that she told the child not one of the parents.

Secondly, who the hell is paying for this educational bank balance indicates it's me, so if I want to give my child a bar of cadburys and 500g bag of crinkle cuts for lunch I fucking will (ok I won't but I hope you take my point) and they can shut the hell up about it.

I am getting very tired of schools and kindergartens making all the rules. As previously mentioned I'm paying for this, and trust me, it ain't cheap. As well as that I have also previously mentioned the amount of work it is to send your child to school or kindy these days with the homework and the events and the costumes and the shared lunches and the services and the raffles and the working bees and ....need I go on? Because seriously I could, it's endless.... It just seems to me that as parents we are expected to do more than ever before while haivng less say than ever before in how our chidlren are educated or even fed! I'm sick of the snide little memos that come home about ensuring the children have water to drink and make sure they have healthy snacks. I ALWAYS do both of those things and if some other parents aren't (and it bothers you that much) tell THEM not me!!!

Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate that there are children who do not eat a balanced meal ever and that child abuse in all it's forms is rife in this world we live in. And of course I understand and share the concern of teachers over this, but please, give me break over the rice crackers.

Oh and if any helpful person feels the temptation to let me know about the downfalls of ricecrackers or how many rice grains die to make a rice cracker. I'm warning you, don't even think about it.


The Daily Admin said...

You cracked me up today. You are so right about schools today. It's enough to drive you effin MAD! Oh, and I love the F word by the way. You are a wild woman! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I've heard it said that people who use the 'f' word have a limited vocabulary. I think my vocab is fine thank you very much, it's just that 'fuck' is often really the best word to describe my annoyance and exasperation and until someone comes up with something better I'm sticking with it.

Glad you agree about schools grrrrr.