Monday, September 17

A week? Seriously?

Has it really been nearly a week since my last post? Holy crap what is with this time thing? I've already blogged this month about my time issues and it isn't getting any better.

So what has happened since last I posted? Well, I completed 3 uni assignments in just about as many days - assignment marathon that was, which probably explains why I lost time again this week.

In more exciting news I got two parcels today. One from my sister in the US with an Anya Hindmarch 'I'm not a plastic bag' shopping bag, compliments of my fabulous brother-in-law (thanks B). It's the fashion accessory du jour in greengrocers around the world. Here it is......check out those handles.

The other parcel was from my parents in-law who are currently galavanting all over the globe in a manner unbecoming in people of their advanced years (that's a joke - they're youthful, gorgeous and I love them both). Anyway, they sent some things they've been buying us. I got ('cos it's all about me) a beautiful silk blend pashmina and I wish this was a touch n' feel blog because you'd just love it's silky softness......

I also got this necklace which I totally LOVE. I took this photo in the bathroom and the light was terrible so you can't appreciate the colours which are truly lovely.

Tom and the girls got presents too but I'm exhausted now from all the photographing and downloading shenanigans so I'll post the lovely enamel bracelet photos tomorrow (they were for the girls not Tom - he's not an enamel bracelet kind of guy).

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