Tuesday, October 2

Enthusiastically killing plants since 1987

We've spent the last couple of days working in the garden. Everyone is holiday and the weather is very spring-like so out we went. After the initial lawn mowing (Tom) overgrowth pruning (me) we spent some time greeting the neighbours, we all came out of hibernation and our place became the gathering point for catching up. Once that was seen to the girls and I settled down to plant some seeds. A friend had given me some seed sowing kits for them so we planted them to start with...here are the results...

I think they look like little graves and if my gardening history is anything to go by they will indeed house the dead. You see I don't do well in the garden. I like it, I want to be good at it, I am enthusiastic and I try, but somehow things don't go as planned for me. Things either don't grow at all or grow for a while and die or if I buy them ready grown they take one look at me and... well....die. Not that it stops me, for many years now I have been killing plants with gay abandon and this year isn't going to be any different. And I'm so proud to be sharing my plant killing knowledge with my children. I hope it doesn't traumatise them too much.

Stay tuned for pictures of the (dead) results.

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