Sunday, October 7

Therapy is the only answer

I have a problem....yes - that's it - in the photo. That, my friends, is my collection of notebooks, journals, diaries and organisers. I have four filofax organisers (four! WTF?). And they are real filofax organisers - the big one cost me $400 about 10 years ago (hey, I got a promotion at work, I was celebrating). I have journals in every size, silk bound, leather bound, even plain old spiral bound. There are many, many notebooks.....for all my....well.....notes. And lists of course, I make lots of lists.

They are all beautiful, I love them but I have enough to last quite a while now. But still I covet this, this and these.

Oh yes, I certainly do have a problem. I tried to explain it to Tom (who incidentally just spent 2 hours wandering around the hardware store - enough said), 'it's a disease' I said. He just shook his head and walked away.

You like them don't you? I know you're examining that photo closely, I know you want them too. You're secret is safe with me.


Knitty Cat said...

I do want them. I can take them off your hands for you. You know, next time I'm over. Eh? What do you think? No? Didn't think so haha.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because I'm sure you have a huge shortage of such things in your life (don't lie, I've seen the photos, read the emails and checked your suitcase) :)

They're lovely aren't they? Sigh.