Monday, October 1

In case you're wondering...

...why my photos are now watermarked it's because of this nonsense. We all know that putting anything you own, be it words or images, on the web is a risky practice. I'm not that precious about my words, my photography sucks so I don't care much if someone nicks my cloud pictures (though why they'd want to I can't imagine). You're also welcome to any witty comment I've written (of which there are so many - ha) but I will not, ever, tolerate anyone using my children's photos to set up fake profiles on community sites or worse.

Henceforth you will see my images watermarked and if anyone out there thinks they might just lift a couple a pics of my girls anyway, I will find out and then you'd better be looking over your shoulder a lot because I will hunt you down and when I find you I will kill you - painfully.

That, my friend, is a promise.

To my beloved friends and family that read this blog, if there is a photo you'd like a watermark-free copy of, let me know I'm happy to send it to you.

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