Wednesday, October 17

Where have I been?

Even I don't know! I've lost a week again. It could have something to do with getting sick last week (all of us) that was a blurry few days. Then I was trying to write an essay that I have a complete block about. And I mean COMPLETE. I have attempted it 3 times and have written nothing. Not. One. Word. To say I'm panicking is putting it mildly. Somebody help me please. I even offered Tom $1,000 to write it for me. He didn't fall for that one because a) he knows I haven't got $1,000 and b) any money we do have at the moment was earned by him anyway. Foiled again. If anyone out there would like to write my essay for me (sorry, can't pay you) please let me know.

On Sunday we got some more work done in the garden....spring is a busy time isn't it? Tom dug the veggie beds and we planted some tomatoes in two of them. We haven't planted the rest of our summer veg crop yet. We ran out of time. The girls have been given 2 tomato plants each to care for. Let's see if they've inherited my green thumb ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

School went back yesterday. And not a moment too soon. Despite these holidays being a lot less stressful than the last ones, they were more than ready to get back to school and kindy.

Here's why.........on Monday afternoon I sent them outside to water the tomato plants and they rushed off excitedly. While they did that I fussed around in the kitchen with dinner preparations. After some time I thought I'd better check on them so out I went, only to discover that they had poured water into one of the (still empty) garden beds and stripped to their underwear and were playing in the mud they had created. They were completely covered from head to toe in it! I'd love to say that I behaved like one of those patient mothers that finds such antics humorous and says its just 'kids being kids'. I didn't respond that way at all. I went nuts. I ranted, I raved I shook my fist at a universe that has never provided me with a high pressure hose - I was pretty annoyed. I took them inside one at a time (in a feeble attempt at keeping the mess to a minimum). I put them in the shower first to get the worst of it off then I left them to rot soak in the bath for an hour. The bathroom was ok, is still covered in mud splashes. Then I went in and (a little too vigorously) scrubbed them clean.

At least they did actually water the tomatoes.

To add insult to injury, after all I put up with, yesterday Aislin called me a nerd. Hmph.

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