Sunday, October 21

Some encouragement please....

Ok, I'm counting down (yes, it's about Uni again - shut up it's nearly over). I am really struggling here people, 6 assignments - 4 weeks, then it's done. Despite knowing this I have no motivation. I am currently writing one of the essays and every sentence is like drawing blood. I punctuate the 'work' (ha!) with standing at the back door watching the wildlife, eating, drinking coffee, staring into the fridge for something else to eat (why is there no chocolate in this effing house?) and emailing my sisters. Thank God they're emailing back or I'd be making prank calls to strangers just to have some kind of communication with the outside world. Tom and the girls have escaped gone out for the afternoon to get away from the bitch at the laptop attend a party then visit family.

I’m making very slow progress on this essay, it's not long, only 2500 words. But I hate this one. It’s so boring, it's about evaluation – who cares? But I now have 648 words so I'm nearly a third of the way there - give or take. I'm writing a lot of crap mind you (what's new I hear you cry) but whatever.... as long as I pass (please let me pass).

Sigh, I cannot wait for this to end. After this I have 5 more to do. There are three easy ones and I’m going to try and finish two of them this week, that will leave the 3 others, one easy two hard. I said to Tom today that I’ve realised sitting on the sofa saying ‘I just want this to end’ will not in fact make it end. I actually have to do some work. Pffft to that.

I need a cheer squad.

Cheeleader Jump Cheeleader Jump

Yep, that helps.

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