Monday, April 2

Office progress

Over the weekend I took steps to resolve my messy desk issue. We have a room that is to be used as an office, however we haven't yet made it into an office as we are still trying to get around to painting it. So as a 'temporary' measure I have my desk and laptop in the lounge room - that is 'temporarily' for the last 18 months!!! Last Friday after looking at the piles of paper on my desk, on the floor and on top of the bookcase, and then blogging about it, I decided that we should just make the office an office and worry about the painting at a later stage when we have more time. So on Saturday we moved into the office. It's not quite finished there is still stuff to put away but my books are now on a bookcase (oh joy!!) my files are, well......filed, my papers are pretty much sorted and my desk is clear. Guess what? I can find stuff. If I want something I can reach out and get it...straight away! My coffee cup, this morning, is sitting in a sea of empty space. It has at least a foot square all to itself.
One thing I'm learning this year is acceptance. I so want to move forward with the painting and renovating but we have committed to my finishing Uni as well as working part time and continuing with workshops and coaching and I have just had to accept that at this stage the removations will have to wait. In about 7 months (!) time I will be finished Uni and then we are home free!! So what if it means I have to take everything back out of the office to paint it? So what if it means a little bit longer with bare floors and hideous wallpaper in the laundry and toilet. Let's face it, it's not going anywhere! I'm sure I'll still have days that it all frustrates me but I know that 7 months will pass in no time and then look out....I'm going nuts with the paint brush!

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