Monday, April 30

New rule

When I started this blog I wasn't looking for a legion of readers. It was for family and friends to read my pointless musings, if they felt like it...or not. It was to give me an outlet for my ranting occasionally. It was to get the idiotic ramblings out of my head and well...somewhere else. Obviously it's not private, if it were the internet probably wouldn't be the best place for it now would it?

But imagine my surprise when I looked at that little stats thingy yesterday and found some unknown readers out there!!!! Yes, I know you're there, I saw you. From all sorts of places. Even Whyalla. My but you're a quiet bunch aren't you? Who is the reader in Hobart? Can I move in with you please? Because I'd like to live in Tasmania. And all you Americans - do you know, my sister? She lives over there too.

Now, there aren't 100s of you, certainly not thousands like some people have. But you are there and you cannot hide. So the new rule is you're not allowed to read this blog unless you comment. All of you.

Ok, it's not a rule but it would be nice if just once in a while someone said something, it gets really lonely you know. So talk to me, and you strangers - say hello!!! I won't bite I promise, well if you annoy me I might snap a little but not much.

As for my family and friends reading this. Just because you have email access doesn't mean you're off the hook either.

Stop lurking you lot. SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING.



nielfe said...

Hello :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Hello.

Whistles quietly.