Wednesday, April 4

Plague Mary

Well I'm ill. Very, very ill. I couldn't go to work today, in fact I could barely get out of bed. It seems to be some sort of flu-like virus. A bit like a head cold on steroids. My head aches, my nose has stopped functioning in a nose-like way, it seems to be blocked with cement. I feel sick, I have been sick, but most of the time I just feel nauseous. My ears are agony, it feels as though someone is sticking hot pokers into them at varied intervals to surprise me. Believe surprises me. My skin hurts, all of it. I think even my hair hurts.

The 'friend' (who I suspect infected me with her vile bacteria) said it does indeed sound like what she had. And then she said (quite cheerfully I thought) 'oh, you'll be sick for a week...forget about Easter'. FORGET ABOUT EASTER??? But it's EASTER ...... the chocolate, the hot cross buns, the chocolate chip hot cross buns and oh yeah church...whatever....but the CHOCOLATE!!!!! Did I mention the chocolate?


Consequently in my consumptive (and distressed) state I feel unable to spend hours at the computer (that's how I know I'm really sick) so this your lot for today.

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