Friday, April 27

Possums dancing

Well, the rain hasn't stopped, it went all day and all night and it's still going. Hallelujah! It has been wonderful.

The down side of all this glorious rain is the relentless drumming on the roof above our bedroom that kept me awake half the night. Seriously, it is like a dozen possums in stilettos are having a barn dance up there. It's so bad that the first time I heard it (last winter) I truly believed it was the possums and demanded that my happily snoring husband wake up and go and scare them off (at 3am in a rain storm). He assured me it wasn't possums but water falling off the trees. I won't go into the details of the scathing (on my part) discussion that ensued. Suffice to say he remained patient and continued to assure me that it was not possums and....well...he was right. Smart arse. forward to last night and there it was again. He has promised to climb a ladder and remove the overhanging branches this weekend so I can get some sleep (especially since we are forecast rain for a few more days and there's likely to be some more this winter I suspect). He is a wise and sensible man who holds to the reasoning that 'if Mama's not happy, nobody's happy'. I'm not quite sure what he means by that, but if it means I get what I want that's good.

Because I couldn't sleep I was prowling the house at intervals throughout the night. I had forgotten how ghastly 'middle of the night' television is - holy crap it's bad. I finally fell into an exhausted sleep at about 2.30am and I had the 4 year old alarm clock wake me up at 5.07am. After I strangled cuddled her I decided it was just easier to get up. So today I'm tired. Very tired and slightly edgy.

I now have a community service announcement. If you have had less than 3 hours sleep do not, I repeat, do not, take 2 children and go shopping for school uniforms - in the rain. Being tired is not conducive to this activity.

I won't bore you with the details of how many shop assistants incurred my wrath, or how I managed to restrain myself from violently shoving a Clarks 'Piper' black lace up shoe up the a%#e down the throat of the less than efficient salesgirl in Fairley's. Or what I said to the woman who just WOULD NOT GET OUT OF MY EFFING WAY in Kmart. Or the outcome of turning around to see my two children splashing about ankle deep in a puddle in the middle of main street. The Department of Child Services were not called but that's only because the witnesses are now buried in that building site next to the bank.

I think need a nap.

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