Monday, January 12

A change would be a fine thing

..don't you think?

I think I need a bit of a change, the blog needs an upgrade...I'm bored with the template and the banner (although I took that photo, lovely isn't it?). So sometime in the next week or two I shall do some blog housekeeping. I'm just warning you in case you click over, see something unfamiliar and click away again apologising profusely for the intrusion - like when you walk in on someone in the bathroom, or in a state of undress or whatever.

Not much other news today, took the girls to their swimming lesson (last day tomorrow), bought strawberries on the way home and now I have some work (real, paid work) to do. Which I am obviously procrastinating about...but you knew that didn't you?

One more thing...tomorrow.... look at the maximum!!! Yikes! I might expire.

Oh... another 'one more thing'...I have a follower...look over there on the right...

I feel special now.


Dave said...

It stayed below freezing all week here last week (bit warmer today).

Is your new banner going to be a picture of you in a state of undress?

Anonymous said...

I like the cold, the colder the better. Freezing is a favourite of mine. I really am living in the wrong country.

I'm trying to think of something for my new banner and that just might be it Dave.

I notice you're following me too! I have two followers! I feel twice as special now.

Z said...


Cathy said...

and me makes 4 :)