Wednesday, January 7

Christmas in pictures (and a few words)

I've been meaning to get this done for a week and today I finally got around to going through the Christmas holiday photos. Here is a small selection for your viewing pleasure.

The captions are clockwise.....(no, they're not...Dave pointed out my error - thank you Dave - they are actually left to right).

1. Queuing for a parking space pre-Christmas 2. Tom took the girls for a sushi lunch while I did some Christmas shopping 3. Finally in the car ready to go (and yes, that is the cat, she came too) 4. The makeshift driftwood Christmas tree at the beach house (I love it) .

1. Christmas Eve mass with their cousins on Tom's side (the boys in the picture, not the holy family and shepherd, I'll refrain from making any comments hinting that some people in Tom's family might think they're Jesus Christ...oops, too late) 2. Lighting candles for loved ones lost 3. Whisky, shortbread and cherries for Santa (the girls like to give him something seasonal hence the cherries, they can't believe he'd actually enjoy whisky) 4. Christmas morning, presents!

Post Christmas beachery, it was very, very windy... 1. Hannah in danger of being blown away attached to a Body Board 2. Tom had a surf then gave Hannah her first surfing lesson 3. Aislin battling the wind to get back to me and a warm cuddle 4. I didn't do anything but this.

Another beach on a different coast with more cousins (this time my family). It was even more windy and this time freezing cold which didn't seem to affect the children as you can see. 1. It was very choppy out there 2. Aislin and Emily running away from the waves 3. Hannah, Aislin and their big cousin Jacob 4. The sensible one, Alexandra, she didn't go in .

Afterwards they were freezing cold and windblown, we went to a cafe for hot chocolate. 1. I think they're adorable (even if Jacob does look a bit bored, it could be because of the 15,000 photos his mother and I took). 2. They talk nearly as much as their mother and I do, it's nice they like each other so much. 3. They think they're hilarious (they're not, well only sometimes). 4. Important spoon balancing skills while your cousin has her second hot chocolate.

So there you have it, a pictorial guide to our Christmas break.

That'll do for today.


Dave said...

You did say the caption were in clockwise order, didn't you? My, what a roomy car you have (no 3).

One person appears to be missing from your photos. Never mind, a picture of you appears at my place tomorrow.

No, it's not the tap-dancing one. I'm saving that.

Dave said...

Actually, I think that clockwise comment applies to some (if not all) of the 3&4 picture sets. I think you just did them left to right, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave, I've amended that (what would I do without your editing skills).

Oh and please don't publish the tap dancing photo...I look ridiculous in that Wonder Woman costume.

solsticedreamer said...

what fun! sitting here in the freezing new forest it is odd to see you all on the the water!!! well some of you ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes Lee it's unlikely you'll ever see pictures of me in the sea, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat, don't like big waves, worried about the numerous dangerous creatures you find in Australian waters etc. I just sit on the sand and read.

Also, those southern oceans are absolutely freezing ((for obvious reasons) even in the height of summer (which it certainly wasn't when we were there) I just give it a miss.

Dave said...

Actually, the best pictures are the ones when you took the Wonder Woman costume off...

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you can publish those ones.

Z said...

Christmastime pictures of me would mostly be of my sleeping form on the sofa. I miss that lazy week.