Wednesday, January 28

Grace in Small Things 1

Committing to noticing the Grace in Small Things immediately caused me to start...well, noticing the Grace in Small Things. Today I have a small selection....

1. there any other fruit so sweet and juicy and thirst quenching and BEAUTIFUL? That colour.....glorious.

2. Candlelight - no need to explain I'm sure.

3. Air conditioning....when it's 110 114 degrees in the shade out there (like today). To be inside, with the whole house cool and (relatively) silent, is a wonderful thing.

4. My morning coffee. Utter happiness.

5. Sleep...when it comes, as it did last night - with dreams.

Now I can't promise that all my Grace in Small Things posts will be pictorial. Some might be, some will be a list, some will part of a blog post. However it is delivered it will be the genuine reflections of my observations of Grace in my daily life.

Feel free to add your own to my list via comments, I'd love to know what yours were today.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

good starting list!