Tuesday, January 13

A nothing day...

...today. Well, not entirely nothing. First there was swimming (yes I know I'm not supposed to take pictures, what can I say? I'm a rule breaker - recognise anyone? No, didn't think so). The girls both successfully completed their levels and were happy.

I sat under a tree and read while they swam (that's the tree not me).

As we left we stopped at the kiosk to buy a celebratory ice cream. I noticed that they had Monaco Bars, something Cathy has been blogging about here, here and also here. So I thought 'ok, I'm going to get one of those and see what all the fuss is about'.

Now I can see why people mounted a petition to bring back the Monaco Bar...and kudos to Nestle who listened to their customers and brought it back. All I can say is that it's a good job I didn't discover the kiosk had them on day 1 of swimming lessons.

Oh and it's very hot today.

The end.


Dave said...

I have no idea about what you are talking.

Malc said...

Any chance of a description of the Monaco bar for the UK readers?

Monaco? I'm thinking small and very rich maybe.

How do we know said...

wonderfully spent day, that.

Anonymous said...

That's ok Dave, just humour me.

Malc (hello, thanks for visiting!) it's two chocolatey biscuits with vanilla ice cream between. Just your typical icecream sandwich really. It's very simple, but they have hit the jackpot with the biscuit, good texture and just the right amount of sweetness and chocolateyness (bet that's not in the dictionary). Today I'm eating watermelon and telling myself that I don't actually NEED another Monaco Bar. Yet.

Hi again HDWK, yes, it was wonderful, sometimes the simplest days are the best.

Cathy said...

hahahaha now I have you addicted to Monaco Bars! They are quite simple...but yummy :)

Cathy said...

P.S. Have I really blogged about it THAT often!?!