Thursday, January 8

Strawberry days

We've had rather a lovely week. The girls have had swimming lessons every morning (no photos, cameras not allowed) so we've been getting up, having a leisurely breakfast, getting ready and heading to the pool. It's been warm except for yesterday, so T and I sit in the shade of a tree and watch the lesson, chat to each other or read our books. It's all very relaxing.

There are all sorts of farms and orchards in our area so on the drive home (only 15 minutes) we stop and buy locally produced fruit. My favourite is the strawberry farm where we buy big punnets of fresh strawberries, the ones they consider 'seconds', usually because of size or shape, but I think they are best ones.

The girls always eat a couple before we get home and the smell of fresh strawberries fills the car.

So far no-one is sick of strawberries.


Dave said...

Teleport some over here, will you?

Z said...

Isn't the idea that a misshapen strawberry is imperfect a silly one?

Send enough strawberries to Dave that he can invite his friends for tea, won't you?

Anonymous said...

No problem, I'll put several punnets in the teleport and you can have a strawberries and cream party.

It is a silly idea Z, also the small ones (and I can tell you, they're not that small) are the sweetest. These strawberries actually taste like strawberries should...unlike the perfectly shaped ones that cost a fortune in the supermarket and taste like grass.

solsticedreamer said...

i love the smell of strawberries~i always smell before i buy and if they dont smell i dont buy!