Friday, January 25

A walk in the woods

In our family it is impossible to go for a walk without it turning into a nature ramble (not that there's anything wrong with that). There is no such thing as an idle stroll. Within minutes of setting out we are examining all manner of flora and fauna in minute detail and being regaled with useless information interesting titbits such as its correct botanical name and whether it is native to the area or a weed. This is partly because Tom's job is of a botanical nature dealing with native plants and also because we all have a fascination for things that grow, squeak, squawk, crawl, climb, gallop or slither.

If there is a downside to this it is that I am a constant source of disappointment to Tom with my taste for European flora. In this country European trees, plants and animals have been introduced and many of them have, quite understandably, liked it very much here - to the detriment of the native plants and animals. It's quite a serious problem. Tom is always telling me about this tree or that plant being ecological disasters. I try to be understanding, really I do. I know that the damage they do can be devastating. But I can't help being loyal to the plants and trees of my homeland even if they've wandered a bit too far and made themselves a little too 'at home'.

I have previously mentioned the Willows we have in our garden. They are stunningly beautiful and they are weeds. They destroy the delicate banks and ecology of Australian creeks and rivers. Tom likes the Willows too....but....they are weeds you know. When I saw him examining the creek bank and shaking his head solemnly I had to tell him that he will go before they do. So he'd better watch out.

Anyway, to celebrate my appalling taste here are some weeds I photographed while out walking recently. Enjoy.

First, here are my children skipping merrily into the weed infested hell woods.

And here is a weed.....hideous isn't it?

Here is another eyes!!!!!!!

Heaven help us here is a SCOTTISH WEED!!!! Damn you to hell you highland terror (Gawn yersel wee man)!

Oh look. Here is a lovely native plant called.....snottygobble. It is called this because the stuff that comes out of those seeds looks like....well....snot. Now that's bloody charming isn't it?

This is not a weed it is a bug. Quite a large bug actually. They're all like that here.

Here is another indulgent shot of my adorable children, this time crossing the creek.

Hope you enjoyed this educational post. You're welcome.


Cathy said...

wow, i didn't know willows were weeds! lol (i shouldn't be laughing, should I?)

maniacalmultitasker said...

Found yr blog via Moyrajayne's.
Don't you love our 'weeds'! (I have 2 dragon willows in my back yard and I'm only worried that the drought might kill them :( )