Sunday, January 6

Sausage and scones

Sometimes I get homesick. For Scotland. Or for Britain really, all of it. And Ireland. Because really if you're living in Scotland the rest of the UK and Ireland is still your 'hood. And I love it all. It doesn't matter how much I like this country or how long I've been here or that (almost) everyone I love most in the world lives here too (except my sister Moyra - she's in America and that is a whole other painful post) I still find it hard to really think of this country as home. On one level of course I have a home here and I live in it happily with my Australian husband and children. But from the perspective of being in my 'own country' - I never feel as though I am. That is really difficult for some people to understand, but that's just how it is.

So....sometimes I get homesick. And now is one of those times. It's not pleasant, it's overwhelmingly, hopelessly miserable. I mope around for days humming 'Flower of Scotland' and torturing myself reading UK blogs and magazines and watching anything I can from the BBC on TV. Even if it's crap. Which it always most of the time quite often is. I make snow scenes from Ballachulish my wallpaper on the laptop. Then I start to crave foods. Yesterday it was sliced sausage and black pudding (both very vegan delicacies - ahem, a heart attack on a plate). Notice it even has it's own Wikipedia page - of course it has. The day before that I would have given my first born for a Tunnocks Tea cake - or better still a 6 pack of them (apparently they are a 'favourite of popstars Supergrass' - whoever the hell they are). Today it was soda scones. At least that one I could satisfy. Aislin and I got to work this afternoon and made some.

And of course there had to be tea - from Harrods because the right now the Coles stuff isn't cutting it.

They turned out ok.

But I'm still homesick.


kathyann said...

I'm with you Caitlin I love sausage and black puddings !Do you prefer the curled or the straight ones or does it not matter!Sorry you're feeling a bit homesick at the moment,I supose anyone who moves away from their homeland feel the same at some point in time!If you let me have your snail mail address I'll send you a little something if thats ok with you! you can e-mail me at
Take care and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Kathyann - another UK blog to read!!

I have no preference for straight or curled it's all good! Yesterday I found a recipe for the sliced sausage I like but I'm really not game to make black pudding -considering the main ingredient ha ha.

I'll contact you via your email.

Kyran said...

ah, i so get this. after ten years abroad I feel like I neither fully belong to the new, nor can really go back to the old.

thank heavens for baked things.

Cathy said...

I don't think I could uproot and move to another state, let alone another country! I admire your courage! Hope the homesickness comes only in fleeting moments...