Wednesday, January 9

Don't mention the war...

....actually by war I mean website - but it's close enough to being a battle ground to merit being called the war. Because I am working on it again. Hey! Regular reader! I just saw you fall off your chair laughing......cut it out. Anyway, previous experience will tell you here, here oh and here that I find working on the website slightly rather totally effing frustrating. So I am not going to write about it.

So this is the official 'don't mention the war'* post.

It is really difficult to think of something else to blog about when I'm in the death throes of web design (HA! 'web design' turn to fall off the chair laughing) because it is so all-consuming that I become obsessive, but I'll try.

I can talk about the 'picnic' the girls and I had yesterday. We went to a local park and Hannah 'accidentally' dropped her sandwich on the ground, Aislin ate a quarter of hers and wanted shortbread instead. At one stage we were joined by two other families, they had three little boys each so the girls made friends with them. At one point I saw the crowd of 6 little boys wandering away from the play area to check out some cars. There in the middle of the crowd I spotted Aislin. The shape of things to come I wonder. I took a photo of Hannah on the Flying Fox.... least she was on it when I started to take the I guess this is actually a photo of Hannah falling off the Flying Fox. Not to worry, nothing broken.

While we were there Hannah kept taking off her shoes and just leaving them lying wherever she kicked them off (much like home). I told her repeatedly to pick them up and leave them by our table. But what do I know. We left the park, went and picked up the mail, stopped at the local shop for milk and it was about then that Hannah announced that she'd left her shoes at the park. I ranted all the way back there and all the way home again and most of the way through dinner......just to be sure.

If you like I could talk again about the heat and also mention the fact that neither of the TWO ancient air conditioners we have are working. No? No, quite right too.

I'll just leave it at that then shall I?

*You probably have to have seen this episode of Fawlty Towers to fully appreciate this blog title.

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