Wednesday, January 16

What have I been doing?

It's been a few days and I hadn't even realised how many days until I looked at today's date. I've had that weird 'loss of time' thing again. Maybe I'm a drunk or a serial killer, who knows what I'm up to when I lose time like that.

I jest.

However, time has passed very quickly and I am surprised that it's been 5 days since I posted but I have been busy during that time. On the weekend we had a MASSIVE declutter of our shed. The background here is that the shed currently stores a lot of our belongings and furniture. When we moved into this house we decided to leave as much of our stuff as possible in the shed while we renovated and decorated. Then once the place was looking lovely we'd move the furniture in, unpack the books and fill the bookcases, find all of our long lost kitchen stuff and fill our cupboards in preparation for all the entertaining we could now do. That was the plan - two years ago. In that two years our time and attention was taken up with work, study and general busy-ness. Now that work and study have finished for me we can no longer avoid the renovating and decorating that must be done on the house. Except we decided to avoid it just a little bit longer while we sorted out the shed and decided if we really did still want all that stuff.

We started to drag stuff out on Saturday and after about two hours I was ready to shove it all back in, throw in a match after it and shut the door. Tom insisted we couldn't do that. So - long story shortened considerably - we decluttered, chucked out and donated a shit-load of stuff. There is something very liberating about getting rid of stuff. I enjoyed it. The end.

Now we have to start working on the house and I'm quite sure that will be fabulous blog fodder.

The other thing that kept us busy was a two day visit from Tom's parents. They arrived on Monday afternoon and left this morning. I love my in-laws. They are the easiest of guests, they provide meals, look after children, read stories (to the children not me, but I'm sure if I asked them to they'd read to me as well) do shopping and generally take care of themselves and all of us. They are also funny, great story-tellers and just generally interesting people (and no, they don't read this blog so I'm not sucking up). Anyway, we had a couple of days of great company, nice meals, a few drinks and late nights. I'm sorry they've gone.

So there you have it, my last 5 days in 500 words or less. I could say a lot more and I wish I had some photos for you, but I won't and I don't. Sorry.

Oh except this gratuitous photo of the beginnings of our abundant crop of tomatoes. How about that? They grew!


Cathy said...

i've been trying to de-clutter these holidays as well! Sucha big job - I always get half way through a room and then start stuffing things in places that can't be seen because I can no longer be bothered sorthing through crap! Bit I feel like I've accomplished something at least...

Oh and the tomatoes look great :)

Cathy said...

sorry didnt proof read previous post lol

Anonymous said...

I like the feeling of chucking stuff out but the sorting process is horrible, sitting in the middle of it all gets old really fast.

Thank you on the tomatoes, it looks as though we are going to have lots, I'd better start thinking of things to make with them.