Friday, January 11

Written in the stars

See that little horoscope thingy? There...on your right....? Well today it says 'Conditions will prove to be chaotic around Sagittarian homes during January'. If you're looking at it, and it doesn't say that, it probably isn't Friday 11 January 2008 anymore...or isn't that date where you are, or if it is still that date where you are it probably isn't that date here anymore. But let's not get into a confusing discussion about time zones. Please.

Anyhoo, back to the horoscope thingy. I can vouch for its accuracy. Because things are indeed chaotic around this particular Sagittarian home. Take today for example. I got up and discovered there was no coffee left. Oh there was instant coffee...but no plunger coffee. I've been enjoying, nay relishing, a delicious cup of a particularly good organic fair trade Arabica each and every morning since Christmas - in my new Bodum. I can't describe the pleasure that cup of morning coffee brings me, so you can imagine my despair to discover we'd run out. So I had instant. Which is like having.... I dunno, something really bad instead of something really good. Then my computer crashed. Twice. Fortunately I was only reading my favourite blogs at the time so I didn't lose anything. But it was distressing nonetheless and now I'm wary....very wary.

As the day progressed there were several minor disasters involving children in various scenarios. I'd describe them to you but the thought of reliving them via my blog makes me want to stick a fork in my eye. Just trust me that important items were lost, things were done that shouldn't have been done, messes were made and yelling occurred. Eventually I threw myself onto the sofa and decided it was time for a glass of wine. Then I looked at the clock. 10am. No matter where I put that damn yard arm there was no way I could get the sun over it. So I had tea instead which, as much as I like tea, this morning it was like having something mediocre instead of something really good.

In the middle of all this there were phones ringing, emails arriving, children next door calling, dogs barking (not mine unfortunately - and I mean unfortunately because I still don't have a dog not because I like barking) and general ranting (mine).

Then I put dinner in the slow cooker. After a couple of hours I tasted the sauce, Aislin asked for a taste too. Her eyes grew wide she rubbed her tummy and said 'Yum!!'. I smiled. My moment was shattered when she then announced that the sauce was good but she wouldn't be eating any of the rest of it. Hmm, thanks.

So we went to the shops. I know, I know.....on a day like this why did I tempt fate by going to the shops? Dunno. Except that I may have mentioned earlier that we'd run out of coffee...and there was no way I was having another morning like this tomorrow. Of course things happened, but Kmart have agreed not to sue and that nice policeman said it could have happened to anyone. So it's all fine. Really.

Nah I'm kidding, it wasn't that serious, just the girls running away from me in Coles and Aislin knocking over a display and then squeezing a squeaky toy behind an old ladies back and nearly giving her a heart attack.

So, we're home now and I'm counting the minutes to wine o'clock and wondering if it would be wrong of me to put my children in their beds at 5.15pm. Probably not under the circumstances.


Cathy said...

oh you poor thing!

but lol at Aislin with the squeaky toy behind the old lady's back!

and I can totally relate to wanting to put the kids to bed at 5.15pm! does that make me a bad mother?!

p.s. they wouldn't go to bed at that time anyway :)

Denise said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

I laughed when I read this post - there can't be many households, particularly those with small children, that don't spend most of January in a state of chaos recovering from the festive period!

I look forward to visiting your blog again in the future.
Take care
Denise x