Wednesday, July 2

All is quiet

I'm not avoiding the blog, or having another 'moment' I just don't have much to report just now. It's a winter thing I think. I don't have anything interesting to blog about, I seem to be spending my days at the computer working hard, writing articles and an e-book for my business. That's all going well thank you very much.

The girls are on holiday for 2 weeks from this Friday, it's the end of Aislin's first term at school. It's gone quickly and she's doing really well. We had our first parent-teacher interview for her and it was all very positive. However winter time holidays are always a challenge, a few days in front of the fire watching movies is ok but what to do the rest of the time? Winter nature rambles, cooking, painting and crafting maybe. Everyone is stir crazy by the end of it all.

Tom and I have been talking about the future, deciding whether to move. With petrol prices and interest rates etc it might be prudent to live closer to school and his work (petrol is costing us about $100 a week just now). I don't know what I want to do, I still have the restlessness that has plagued me for most of this year. I feel I want to do something, I just don't know what. However I think winter is a time for incubating thoughts, plans and ideas. Mulling them over ready for action in the spring. So I'm not rushing into anything (famous last words).

Am I the only one that feels like hibernating in winter? I love winter but it really turns me into a hermit.


Cathy said...

yes, winters should be spent as hermits, snuggled up inside near a nice work, no chores...ahhhh DREAMING! with two kids under 3 it can be murder! lol i'm longing for warm days so they can run around outside a bit and exhaust some of that energy they have bottled up!

Dave said...

Is it winter on Mars too?

miss*R said...

I love winter too.. and I want to become a hermit.. however, I would love to be a hermit during any season... but life gave me a family so I stay put in Woodford and inside me is my hermit screaming to be let out..
petrol prices are ridiculous, absolutely crazy.