Wednesday, July 30

On my desk

Well look at that, Wednesday again and you know what that means don't you? It's 'on my desk' day. So what wonders have appeared on my desk today?

First of all some flowers from Aislin - she loves to bring me flowers from the garden (or from the school principal's garden in this case - oh dear).

A card. Every day I pull one from the pack (Cheryl Richardson's Grace cards). It keeps me 'mindful' and makes me think a bit more deeply than 'what shall I make for dinner tonight?'. I like to think whatever I pick is the message I need for that day. Today it was this.....and no, it has nothing to do with my ongoing insomnia.....although......

On the back it says 'Keep your eyes open. When we decide to live a more conscious life we see signs of grace everywhere'. Very appropriate for me today for so many reasons.

And last, and most definitely least, bills. They have to be paid and I'm trying to do it in a spirit of gratitude rather than resentment....without you Telstra, no phone, no internet...and SA Water? Well, speaks for itself really.

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Dave said...

My desk is now even more empty than it was last week, having now officially finished work, and thus cleared my desk.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem to matter how often I clear my desk, it refills pretty quickly.

I envy you your clear desk. Do you think it will last once you've moved and unpacked?

Kirsty said...

Fresh flowers are always a lovely addition to any desk.

Dave said...

Yes, for I have proper filing systems, a place for everything, and everything in its place.