Monday, July 7


....pale pink cupcakes are the only thing that will get you through a rainy afternoon.

Because unfortunately Vodka is pretty much out of the question when you have children in your charge.


Dave said...

How odd. I've posted pictures of food at my place today.

Swap you a scone for a cupcake.

miss*R said...

hey Caitlin, here I am sitting researching making some balm for my rash and up pops your comment!
would love a cupcake thankyou.. although seeing as i don't have any children in my charge, I guess I could take the vodka..hmm cupcake.. vodka, cupcake vodka... can a girl have both??
don't take too much notice of my rantings on my blog.. I tend to do that everynow and then but wouldn't it be good if we were given a handbook when we arrived on this planet? ha!! bless you xo

Cathy said...

ahhh we are so alike in our thinking... I go for the sweet stuff too in order to cope in this madness (because as you say, unfortunately alcohol is out of the question...but ooohh some days, wouldn't it be nice?!? lol)