Thursday, July 3

I've worked out what I'm doing wrong....

....I filled in the wrong quiz. Apparently I make a MUCH better 1930s husband than I do 1930s wife.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

My friend Dave* (you can find him over here) left me a comment to say he'd done the quiz and was a very superior husband. This made me jealous curious. So I did the husband test (obviously replacing the spousal gender accordingly). Above you can see my result. Interesting isn't it?

Seemingly things like 'failing to sew on buttons or darn socks regularly' or 'walking round the house in stocking feet' make me a poor wife, whereas 'not using tobacco' and being a 'careful auto driver' make me a top notch husband. Who knew?

Thank goodness it isn't the 1930s. I'd be an outcast. Not only a hopeless wife but clearly way too much of husband. Disgraceful.

So come on...are you a better husband or wife?

*you'll note I say 'my friend Dave'. We've never met. I like his blog, he's funny and likes cricket and wants to walk on Mars. I like to chip in my ten cents worth in his comments and he sometimes comments here (hi Dave!). In the blogging world that makes him my friend, whether he likes it or not. Either that or I'm more of a stalker than I thought.


Dave said...

Happy to be your friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave :-)

ziggi said...

Caitlin be careful, he'll be turning up demanding bed and breakfast! Just ask MOST of the people on his sidebar!

Anonymous said...

That's ok Ziggi, it's all part of my cunning plan. I'm enticing as many people as possible to stay because we're starting some renovations soon - he did such a good job with a paintbrush at his mother's I figure I can put him to work here. Don't tell him though.
P.S. I love your picture.

miss*R said...

you seem to have the same sense of humour I have.. I laughed out loud at this post.. thanks xo
oh and I reckon I would have been a better husband in the 1930s too...

miss*R said...

I did the wife quiz and got -33 - very poor (a failure) it says... ha!