Wednesday, July 23

On my desk

I have a confession - two in fact. First, I am a voyeur. Not in a pervy way (well not much) but in a more domestic way. I like seeing the inside of people's houses. Especially work rooms and desks etc. I can't explain it but I don't feel too guilty owning up to it here because anyone reading this is probably a bit of a voyeur too, isn't that why we read blogs's not? Oh....that's just me is it? Well now you know.

The second confession is that I'm quite lazy. If there's an easy way to do something I'll find it and take full advantage. So when I discovered that Kirsty at Kootoyoo had a 'game' called 'On My Desk', where every Wednesday's post is a picture of what is on your desk that day, I was all over it. First I crept around the players blogs in my raincoat peeping at their desks then I realised that I could do it too and it would solve the blogging problem one day a week - there's not usually much to talk about on a Wednesday. I'm sure if I surf the blogosphere long enough I can find a game for every day of the week and you'll never have to listen to me blethering again. Well, sorry to disappoint you (third secret confession, I like the sound of my own voice). So from now on Wednesdays will be 'On My Desk' day and you'll get to see a photo of my coffee cup what I'm working on and perhaps a bit of an explanation.

First a bit about my desk. I love it. It's old and pretty crappy looking. It was once an office desk from some government department before they decided that office desks are better when they're U-shaped lumps of formica surrounded by 'walls'. Remember when people worked in offices at solid wooden desks and everyone could see each other? Anyway, my desk is from those days. It's scratched and ink stained (ink? what's that? it's what we put in pens before gel was invented - tsk) and the drawer handles are ugly and sometimes they get loose and fall off. I'm always planning to sand and varnish it and buy it new handles but I quite like it the way it is really. It has character and it has seen me through many a long and stressful project/essay/assignment and we have bonded through my pain. Those scratches are battle scars. From time to time I look at the smart shiny desks in the office supplies shops that come with matching bookcases and comfy leather chairs but they are so heartless and unfriendly. I'll stick to my solid old friend thank you very much.

So getting to the point (finally), what is on my desk? I've blogged before (with photos) about my office tidying projects, those things are still there, Tara and the piece of Turkish textile. I also permanently have a desk lamp, my laptop, a file stand thing, a photo of the girls, a box of tissues and at the moment I have a very dusty red 1960s Swedish Art Glass vase that I found in a box of 'junk' my mother-in-law gave me to look through (she thought there might be something I'd want).

I'm not usually given to 'ornaments' (dust collectors) and something like this is not usually my taste (too 'retro') but for some reason I like it and in certain lights the colour is amazing, so I'll clean it up and find a spot for it. And of course Swedish Art Glass is very collectable.

There is the ubiquitous coffee mug, I have several lovely ones but today I am using one that cost $1.49 in the supermarket. I bought it for Hannah to take to school on hot Milo days (she breaks them a lot - 5 so far - so I bought a cheap one). It's a hideous colour but it's big and I needed a big cup of coffee this morning (don't ask).

And lastly, what am I working on today? Well it's not on my desk top, but it is on my desktop - the dreaded website. Which will probably explain why I've just spent and hour faffing about with this blog post and taking photos of coffee cups.

Welcome to 'On My Desk Wednesday'.


Dave said...

My desk at home is largely empty at the moment, most stuff having been packed ready for the move. I'm writing this at the library, where there is nothing on the desk, save for the computer.

Leanne said...

I dont have a desk.
I never realised this before, but I obviously 'need' a desk!!
I ought to have a desk, I am a virgo and horribly organised...I have beautiful paperweights, I write with a proper ink pen, and have sheets of blotting paper etc, all this cries out for a desk!! I suddenly feel bereft, i neeeeed a desk!! :-) :-)

Leanne x

Anonymous said...

Dave, I want photos of the desk in the new house (with the peach or blue walls and bookshelves on the doors) to satisfy my voyeuristic tendencies.

Hi Leanne!! I have a Virgo ascendent so I understand. I love my desk, stationery, nice pens - but the heart of all that is the desk. You must have a desk!! I can't wait to see it with those beautiful paperweights and your pen.

miss*R said...

I reckon that the retro swedish art vase is really a hiding place for a good red ;)

yep, crappy furniture is better than all that shiny new crap that is sold in Ikea or Freedom or heaven forbid any of those plastic warehouses!
now if this were me doing on my desk, being an organised Capricorn, with Capricorn rising.. I would have had to tidy it all up, dusted it and added flowers to my desk before I took photos!
hope your Thursday has been a good one xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn, I was sorely tempted to tidy up the desk before posting, but I wanted to stay in the spirit of it so I didn't. It nearly killed me.

Dave said...

I haven't moved yet. When I do, I'll take some photos.