Saturday, July 19

Last week I .....

  • continued to 'enjoy' the school holidays - ahem
  • entertained a house guest for two nights - Tom's youngest brother came to stay, he buys good wine
  • got a little bit tipsy on Thursday night (see previous)
  • had a slight hangover for the first time in a long time (some of you may recall this episode)
  • wrote some stuff then presented it to a potential 'associate' - nerve wracking
  • created a new household budget and stuck to it (time will tell on that one)
  • ate way more chocolate than is good for me (but within budget so that's ok)
  • missed my favourite blogs because I was too busy and distracted to read them
  • didn't post to my own blog
  • turned down the opportunity to interview for a very nice, very interesting, very important and very well paid job.
  • in doing so also turned down a life of stress, pressure, exhaustion and parental guilt because my children would have to spend so much time in childcare
  • beat myself up as to whether I'd made the right decision (ok, I'm still doing that one)

So tell me what you did last week....or I could just go and read your blog (if you have one..... if you don't you should......I'm looking at you Imelda).


Dave said...

I continued packing my house ready for the move. And bought a large quantity of paint (but that's a post for tomorrow, I think). Oh, and we lost a cricket match.

No alcohol was involved.

miss*R said...

well, on Saturday night, we went on a harbour cruise.. under the Harbour Bridge, around the harbour.. I didn't see any of it because I was too busy sipping.. I mean guzzling champagne and dancing like my legs were out of control.. yesterday, my body felt like it too.. sometimes ya just gotta let loose, know what I mean??

(ps - not sure if you have the book Simple Abundance, but I am recommending it to everyone who crosses my path at the moment!)