Friday, April 9

Feeling Autumnal

The weather is beginning to turn, it’s still in the mid to low twenties, so not cold yet, but wet and dull and overcast.  We’ve had some lovely rain and are having some more today with thunder storms to come.  My favourite kind of weather.  I love Autumn and Winter, I can honestly say those seasons are when I’m at my most contented and most….I don’t know…centred? At peace? Dare I say approaching happy?  Nah, let’s not get carried away there.  :-)

I had a wander in the garden this morning to check out the seasonal changes.  In a little neglected corner I found the first mushrooms of the season (we get lots) – already munched by small creatures.

The trees are beginning to turn……

…and burgundy…

…and little raindrops are everywhere.


It was lovely. I came inside and sat in my office drinking coffee and listening to household sounds.  The  girls were playing a camping game and making Jack play with them.  He’s so tolerant and was quite happy to pretend to be their pet bear.  The washing machine was swishing gently, the clothes dryer humming and rain on the roof.  Such mundane and domestic sounds and yet soothing.

And then…before I knew it…I’d written a blog post!


Dave said...

*Falls off chair*

Two posts in two days! Hurrah!!

The sun's been shining here two days in a row. Spring is sprung.

Anonymous said...

Now if I'd known it was going to make you fall of your chair I would have waited a month.

Spring has sprung and your greenhouse is bursting at the seams?

Dave said...

Indeed, it's overflowing. I've just been there and moved some pots outside.

laoi gaul~williams said...

harrah you are blogging :)

here the weather is turning the other way and we have spent all day working in our garden under blue skies and a very warm sun~its been glorious. but once the sun dropped it became quite chilly so we packed up and came indoors.
i generally hate the summer but we had such a hard winter i find i am really needing some sunshine and warmth.

Anonymous said...

Yes I do seem to be blogging - not sure how that happened...let's hope it continues :-)

Sounds like a blissful day in the garden Laoi - we didn't have any plantings in summer because we were both working full time and just didn't have the time. I really missed the fresh tomatoes straight from the garden - in a salad with home grown basil.