Wednesday, April 14


I nearly forgot to blog!  I’ve been busy since yesterday and hardly had to time have a cup of tea never mind blog.  I finally had a quiet moment, checked my emails and had a peak at Facebook and was just thinking I should go and get that casserole in the oven when I was overcome with the nagging feeling that I’d forgotten to do something…and I had.

So, I had a slight disappointment today.  I have decided that until I get my act together and decide what I’m really going to do with my life I will do some temporary and short contract work.  I rang an agency on Monday who just happened to have an ideal position available and were having trouble filling it – they were very excited to hear from me.  It was an instructional design role, writing training curriculum for a big company.  It was temporary but that’s fine I want temporary.  I set up an interview with the agency (the official registering with them bit) and went in today.  Sadly, that position had been withdrawn.  I was a little disappointed but still went through the testing and interview and the consultant felt confident that there would be something suitable in the future.  I said I’d do admin work or whatever until something else came along.  She wants to avoid me doing that for too long as it’s ‘not a match for my high level skill set’ ha.  Anyway, I'm not ready to jump off a bridge or anything as I’m sure there will be something else along any minute. Ahem.


Dave said...

Perhaps you could fix that teleport while you wait.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for parts.