Wednesday, April 21


In true Autumn fashion we are experiencing schizophrenic weather conditions, one day cool and raining, then sunny, then wild winds and thunder storms, then dry but crisp, then warm but raining (ugh – humidity) and so on.  Yesterday was cool and raining, today is sunny and warmish.

Since it was nice outside I decided to put our Rattus Norvegicus girls out for a bit of air.  They were very excited with the fresh breeze and new smells and Jack was beside himself with joy to find them in such close proximity.


Apart from that it’s just washing and ironing and preparing dinner and other mundane tasks today.  I’m not complaining though, at least I’m at home.

Blissful sigh.


Dave said...

It's dusty here. You'd think we were living near a desert.

Dave said...

'I always respond to comments' it says. You haven't been doing that for the alst couple of days.

Do I get a refund?

Anonymous said...

Well that has been very remiss of me...don't know how I missed your first comment (obviously got your second one).

So comment it dust or volcanic ash? Sounds ghastly either way.

Comment two...sorry Dave - blogger didn't notify me of your comment...see them for recompense.

Now I'm going to write today's very late post.