Monday, April 12

Shhh…you didn’t see me

Today a friend (I shall call her 'M’ – nothing to do with James Bond) insisted on taking my children off my hands and caring for them overnight on the proviso that I spent the free time working on some business projects.  These projects are overdue because it’s been almost impossible to work on them while the children have been here (school holidays). ‘M’ is a strong supporter of my getting the business off the ground and having MY two children also means HER two children are occupied which allows her to …well I don’t know what she’ll do but whatever, it’s a win-win.

So here I am sitting at the computer working on the projects.  No, well spotted…I’m NOT am I?  I’m blogging and eating my way through a large tub of mango yoghurt.  I’m desperately trying to stay off Facebook and ignore Farmville…what is wrong with me??  I finally have some desperately needed free time and I’m faffing about on useless pursuits (well blogging isn’t a useless pursuit and the yoghurt is delicious but you get my drift). 

I had intended to share my misery with you today but that will be a long post I suspect and I’d better do something more productive.  I’m pretty sure ‘M’ will insist on seeing evidence of how I spent my time, and a lengthy, depressing blog post about hard done by I am will not impress her.  At all.



Dave said...

I have an hour-long lecture to write, but whenever I find myself with spare time at the computer, I find a game to play instead.

laoi gaul~williams said...

i should be doing research for the following...
'to what extent were women and slaves able to enjoy the full benefits of the Roman baths'...i have done a bit...but i ahe also eaten a rather nice cherry donut, walked into the village with a prescription and passed the time of day discussing my up and coming op, perused a few magazines in the paper shop, watched our friend lopping down out neighbours hugely overgrown hedge (maybe now we will ahve grass in stead of moss!) and now i am blogging and facebooking and watching swampy working on the camper from the kitchen window (i sat here to avoid distractions!!!)
now i am pondering a little 'lay down' before we take flynt to puppy classes tonight!
talk about time wasting!!!

Anonymous said...

The internet. It's a menace at times, so many games, blogs, social little time. But then like you Laoi if it wasn't that keeping me from doing what I'm supposed to be doing it would be other things. I've been known to clean windows instead of writing that's desperate.

I'm what extent WERE women and slaves able to enjoy the full benefits of the Roman baths? :-)