Sunday, April 11

Where are all the memes when you need one?

I have no news since yesterday.  Apart from the fact that we did complete those sewing projects* and I did watch two episodes of ‘Lost’** there’s not much else to report. 

Today will be even less exciting.  I have some grocery shopping to do (on a Sunday!) and then I have to cook (yuck).  Maybe some more ‘Lost’?  Or that art project I mentioned yesterday?  Who knows.  I have no expectations today.

Actually I’m feeling a little ‘bleh’ today.  The morning started well and it’s been downhill all the way since then.  I don’t know, life’s a bit of a roller coaster at the moment, more about that in another post (just make sure you take your anti-depressants before reading it – you know how tedious I am when I’m maudlin). 

Anyway, onwards and upwards.  Have a lovely Sunday preciouses (yes, I know it’s not a word).

* We made rat beds and rat hammocks.  No end to glamour round here.

** I started watching ‘Lost’ on DVD last winter.  I’m currently a series behind the TV episodes and I can’t rely on catching all the TV ones so I prefer to watch it at my own pace.  It’s been strangely addictive.   Anyway, Hannah saw a couple of early episodes with me then I decided it probably wasn’t suitable for a 9 year old (when I saw her running around with a water pistol tucked in the back of her jeans like a hand gun – yikes!).  I’ll put up my hand to a poor parenting moment there.  So she happened to walk in yesterday and saw me watching and said ‘so…what’s happened?’.  I nearly fell of my chair a) because she saw two episodes of series one and I’m watching the END of series 5 – that’s a lot of water under the bridge for the survivors of Oceanic 815 and b) because I have never seen such a complicated, convoluted and hard to follow TV show in my life, I think I know why they call it ‘Lost’ because half the time I AM!!   Honestly, I am hanging on by my fingernails trying to keep track of all the complexities myself  – there’s no way I could even begin to explain it to another person let alone a 9 year old.  Later on Tom walked in and stared at the TV for a minute then took a breath as if to say something….I said ‘please don’t ask’ so he said ‘ok’ and left.

I still love it though.



Dave said...

I'm in the down cycle of my mood at the moment, so knowing someone else may be miserable is very cheering.

laoi gaul~williams said...

we are behind as well~we have the last lot to start watching and are traumatised at 24 being more jack bauer to drool over she cries!

on another note i am feeling down and maudlin too, must be something in the air~i just feel my life has nothing exciting in it right now

Anonymous said...

It's good to know I can wallow in such good company.

I've never watched 24 - is it good Laoi, I know a lot of people are addicted to it.