Thursday, April 22

Today’s news

I got the temporary position I was hoping for.  It starts next Thursday and is only for a month.  Which is perfect.   More about that in another post.

I had lunch today with some friends from my previous place of employment.  The girl who replaced me also came to lunch and I was gratified to hear that it’s just as crap as I thought it was.   Lunch was delicious, the company was excellent and the gin and tonic was perfect.

I did some grocery shopping this afternoon.  It was tedious.  I totally loathe shopping.

Then I went to the pet shop and bought the rats a wheel and a salt lick and I got Jack some pig’s ears and a rawhide bone.  He still chews everything he can get his teeth on so I’m constantly trying to distract him with things he’s actually ALLOWED to chew.

Steak and salad for dinner tonight.

End of another day.



Dave said...

This temporary job - it's not Prime Minister, is it?


Dave said...


Anonymous said...

No, not Prime Minister. Which is a pity because I have some grand plans.

No posting from me today, no computer access...I really can't face doing a whole blog post on my phone's tiny keyboard.