Wednesday, August 29

Helmets and headaches

Am I the only parent who was standing waiting for Kmart to open this morning so that I could buy a bicycle helmet for my child? I know I wasn't the only parent standing waiting for Kmart to open, because the other parent that was there and I commiserated with each other regarding the injustice of it all. I'm just wondering about the bicycle helmet bit. Tomorrow is 'Wheels Day' apparently and the children at Hannah's school are being encouraged to take their bikes (or scooters or whatever) with them to school. It all just gives me a headache.

I have to wonder if the school decision makers are just totally sadistic the way they create so much work for the parents of their little charges. I mean really, for many, many parents it's all we can do to get our kids to school with their lunch packed and clothes on. Lots of parents have to get those kids to school then get themselves to a job. Tomorrow I have to get mine to school then get myself to a meeting with a client, preferably without bicycle grease all over my clothes. Do I really need to be worrying about getting the damn bike to school as well? Seemingly I do. What, in the name of all that is holy, are these schools thinking???? The list is endless. If it's not a shared lunch or morning tea, it's international food (see previous post) or a costume (see other previous post). Last week it was the school's birthday, this week it is the official opening and blessing of the new buildings. I know it's not the teachers....because this morning Hannah said 'Mrs %#!& (her teacher) said it's silly to be blessing the new toilets'. Hear, hear Mrs %#!& hear hear!!

Anyway, we realised if she was going to be riding the damn bike around the school tennis courts we'd better get her a new helmet. So I went to Kmart this morning. Which brings me full circle in this post really doesn't it.

Have a great Wheels Day won't you?


The Daily Admin said...

I love your rant about how schools torture the living love out of us with all these extra things we need to do for our kids. I truly understand how you feel. To keep up with our children's "things" at school we need to revert back to the 50's when mothers stayed home and had far too much time on their hands. Oh, but back then there were no such things as bring your bike to school day, find the most obscure hat in the world and wear it to school day. When will they stop torturing us! Great post! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! We haven't had 'find the most obscure hat in the world and wear it to school day' yet, I must put that in the suggestion box! I think in revenge we must start sending questionable and/or dangerous subjects along to show and tell. Thye might back off a bit if they have to deal with a Clydesdale horse or an unexploded hand grenade!