Thursday, August 23

Bees, bin men and a craving for wine

Ladies and gentlemen, please observe the sidebar to your right and notice a little picture-y thing that moves. This is a Flickr badge. This means I have a new Flickr account. As yet there are only about 6 photos on it but it exists and is there for your perusal, more photos will be added, I just don't know when yet.

Today's blog is brought to you by the number zero (how many assignments I'm working on) and the letter 'P' for procrastination (what I'm doing instead of assignments). Yes, once again I have uni work to do and once again I am finding dozens of 'important' tasks to perform before starting the work
So far this morning I have.....

  • Dropped off the children at school and daycare
  • Had a looooong and quite unnecessary chat with our daycare provider
  • Drove home very slowly (so as to admire the scenery you understand)
  • Put petrol in the car (which I HATE doing and usually avoid until the very last minute - not today however)
  • Ate a late and time consuming breakfast
  • Waved to the rubbish bin men as they emptied our bin - nice chaps
  • Took a photo of a bee - couldn't get her to smile or even co-operate - so it's more of a bees bum really

  • Stood at the back door with a cup of tea surveying our estate and planning some changes to the garden
  • Decided what vegetables we'll put in now that spring is almost upon us
  • Sent 8 emails (mostly to my sisters - well we have different threads going!) except the complaining ones to my husband - who was unsympathetic
  • and now this blogging....

I just cannot get motivated, I have 3 months to go and I have completely lost interest. I had visions of being so keen to get it all finished that I would be forging ahead completing assignments weeks ahead of their due dates and tying it all up in double quick time. That's not happening. Why isn't that happening? It's making me whine.

Whine....sounds a bit like 'wine' doesn't it? Now there's an idea.

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