Tuesday, August 21

A morning in my house or how to have a nervous breakdown before 7am

Like so many people I am not a morning person, although if I am allowed to just get up, drink coffee read the papers, not communicate in any way and generally laze around I can feel almost warm hearted towards the pre 9am time slot. However, rarely do I experience such luxury. No. In my house mornings are busy, I'm reasonably organised these days, but I am still busy with morning duties and it creates a kind of chaos. So you can imagine my utter delight to realise that along with the usual morning insanity today I also had to produce a costume for Aislin.

Her pre-school are having a book launch to celebrate a pile of new books recently provided by the government and children were required to dress as their favourite book character. Aislin was thrilled at the prospect and said she'd like to go as a bear from the 'The Three Bears'. Well strange as this may seem I could not, for the life of me, find a bear costume in the wardrobe! So I had a look at what I did have .... and improvised. There was a pretty sort of long, floaty dress....a pair of wings and a wand (5 wands in fact).....and that was about it. So I told her how the coolest character in the known world is the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. Fortunately she was impressionable this morning and accepted that happily. So we started to get ready...and it was halfway through the insanity of getting ready that I yelled the unforgettable words 'has anyone seen Aislin's tiara?'. Now there's something I don't say every day. I wondered what a stray passer-by might think if they heard that question emanating from our abode.

Anyway, off she went as the Fairy Godmother, albeit tiara-less, and I waved them off, shut the door and sat down with a coffee and the paper. Now that's more like it. Oh and if anyone thinks I might have taken a photo of the Fairy Godmother in the midst of this madness you are sadly mistaken. align="justify">

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