Thursday, August 30

The shoes hate me....

....which is hard to believe because they look so innocent don't they? All pale pink and pearl and soft buttery leather, to all intents and purposes cute, comfy little ballet flats.

But no. They are evil. Sure, they try to fool me, I slip them on and they feel like slippers. I walk around the house experimentally to see if they are ok now. And they are, they feel great! So I keep them on a bit longer just to be sure and it's all good. I'm happy. Because the last time I wore them they shredded my heels. And the time before that. And also the time before that. But today, they feel so comfy and nice and I fall in love with them all over again.

I drive to town, get out of the car and walk to my first destination. They are starting to hurt. To cut a long story short after running a couple of errands and having a business meeting I can barely walk, my heels are raw and I am in agony. I drive home in my bare feet. I stop to fill the car with petrol and cannot bear to put my shoes back on and have them rub some more on my raw and bleeding heels.

We've been here before these shoes and I. Every time they pretend they are fixed and that they won't ever hurt me again. They lie.

I can't wear these shoes any more.


Knitty Cat said...

Oh no!!! Theya re so nice (looking) too. Mean, deceptive shoes.

Anonymous said...

I know, they are really nice shoes and they look grteat with black pants. I'm a little heartbroken.