Wednesday, August 1

Happy Birthday Horses!

In the Southern Hemisphere August 1st is the generic 'horse's birthday'. So if you live down here and know any horses, buy them a card.

Moving on, August 1st is also my wedding anniversary. There will be some celebrating of that this weekend. The girls will be spending the weekend with their cousins so I'm guessing that for Tom and I there will be relaxing, swearing with abandon and possibly drinking too much.

July was a busy month (resulting in the distinct lack of posts) what with recovering from finishing work and Uni, 2 weeks school holidays and then back to school and Aislin at a new kindy. The last week of the month was taken up with deep immersion in the final Harry Potter. I am a shameless fan and I'm heartbroken that the series has ended. I would now love to talk about the outcomes, however I would hate to be the person to create a spoiler for anyone who stumbles on this post and hasn't finished yet. So I'll wait.

I am now quite used to the fact that I don't go out to work anymore. For the first 3 or 4 weeks it just felt like holidays. Now I feel quite confident that there will be no suprise calls from my ex-boss saying 'KIDDING!!' and telling me to get dressed and come in because I have a class starting in 15 minutes.

I don't even miss it, not the students, not the teaching, not the stroppy cow convention that was our admin office, not the money. Well, ok that's a lie, I do miss the money but not enough to make me want to go back. I LOVE not being there anymore. In fact I'm now at the stage that whenever I suddenly remember I actually feel excited and happy. I'm totally over the 'what have I done' stage and firmly in the 'yippee I'm free' stage and busy enough to totally avoid the 'bored shitless being at home' stage. It's all good

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