Tuesday, August 14

Take your eye off the ball for a minute and...

...you have to run to catch up.

The party was a huge success, a good time was had by all and there was no blood on the ice. There were probably a few bruised bottoms the next day but all in all it went well. Hannah announced that it was the best birthday party ever. Major points for Mummy.

Saturday we took the girls to their usual Fairy Ballet and dance classes then we had a family lunch at Tom's brother's house which was lovely.

On Sunday I almost died and yes, I am being melodramatic. It just felt like I was dying. I woke at around 1am with stomach cramps and the next 24 hours are a blur of pain, exhaustion and a lot of time spent in the 'smallest room'. It was quite unpleasant and I won't bore (or disgust) you with the details. I didn't eat for 48 hours and I am still being very, very careful. It seems to have been 'something I ate' since no-one else has succumbed and there was some food that only I ate instead of the roast lamb that everyone else was having...because as you know I don't eat meat because it's bad for me.....yes, I'm noticing the irony too.

Anyway, I am 90% recovered and getting on with life. Which means I'm getting into some of the Uni work that has been nagging away in the back of my mind since the semester started. I decided, now that it's week 3, that it might be an idea to start the work that I'm supposed to be doing for the 5 courses I'm taking this semester. So I had to a look to see what needed to be done. When the panic attack subsided I checked again and yes, I'd missed some stuff and got a tiny, wee bit behind.....oops.

So here I sit, muttering mutinously about Uni courses while blogging about it instead of getting on with it. Typical.

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