Tuesday, August 28

Tuesday is the new Monday

I hate Tuesdays. Tuesday is for me what Monday is for other people. It is the day I commence my working week. It is the first day of the week that I am home alone while husband works and my children learn. I don't enjoy it. It's not that I don't like my work (or having the house to myself) - I do. I can't actually explain what it is about this day that I find difficult, it's just hard (say this in a whiny tone please (cos I'm thinking it in a whiny tone).

I was contemplating this phenomenon as I sat at my desk this morning seeing if I could balance a pencil on my nose (I can't). It just seems to take me a long time to get going on a Tuesday what with the philosophising, emailing my sisters, pencil balancing, tea drinking and general fart-arsing around. I was thinking how fortunate I am to have a 3...ok, 4...ok, ok ... 5 day weekend every week. SOOO very lucky. So why then do balk at starting some work when Tuesday comes round? Yes, it could be because I've just had a 5 day weekend and my brain has yelled 'Retirement! Woo hoo!' but really, is it? Or is it some in-built, collective consciousness belief that if it's the day to start work after a break we must feel unmotivated and listless? Maybe. Or I could just be lazy.

However I usually do eventually get going and then...... what do you know? It's time to go and pick up the girls. Hence I'm at my desk finishing off some work (no, you're right I'm blogging) while Bounty Hamster makes a hell of a racket in the background. Will I never learn?

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