Sunday, September 28


Friday was busy - crazy busy! I took the girls to school, ran some errands then picked them up what seemed like 5 minutes later (they had a half day - end of term). Then we shopped for a birthday present for a small boy, then I took Aislin to the small boy's birthday party. Hannah and I ran more errands until it was time to pick up Aislin. Then we came home and I made up beds, cleaned the bathroom and generally tidied and prepared for visitors. Visitors arrived and there was much laughing and chatting and chaos for quite some time. We eventually wrangled the (very excited) children into bed at about 11pm (unheard of in this house) and the grown ups settled down peacefully with a glass of wine and did a bit of catching up. Suddenly it was 1am and we all trooped off to bed - exhausted.

Saturday dawned sunny and warm. My sister and headed out to do the 'shopping' least that's what we said we were doing. First we went for coffee....

....and of course there had to be cake...the cafe we went to specialises in chocolate creations and they have a small but exquisite range of cakes and desserts. We talked and talked and talked (we had a lot of catching up to do). Then we needed tea to wash down the coffee and cake.

After that we went to the supermarket and the wine shop and four hours later we came home again (yes four hours - the husbands were getting slightly impatient for some reason). Lunch was served under the willows and we attempted to solve the world's problems over a glass of this.....

...although it seemed wrong and terribly bourjoir to be discussing world hunger and the plight of Tibet over a glass of Pol Roger.

At one point Tom went to the shed to get the esky to hold the drinks and found a Ring-tailed Possum nesting in it. I don't know who was more surprised Tom or the possum. He put the esky back and we used something else for the drinks - we'll decide what to do about the possum-in-the-esky problem later. Possums are very territorial and as it is Spring their little possum thoughts turn to settling down and starting a family - so it's not a good time to be moving one on.

At dinner time it was pizza for the kids (special treat) after which they were sent off to bed with a movie to watch. They lay about on mattresses and pillows on the floor and watched and dozed. The grown ups had a delicious Indian meal and watched Alfred Hitchcock (The Man Who Knew Too Much). Then more talking and eventually off to bed.

Today it is cold and cloudy (with the threat of rain later). Typical spring weather, 30 degrees one day, 17 the next. There are plans for a small bonfire and some marshmallow toasting later.


Dave said...

You had your lunch under the cricket bats (or willows as we know them)? Glad you're starting to develop your interest. We'll have you playing in BMCC next year if this carries on.

Caitlin said...

Yes Dave, that's right, we ate lunch under cricket bats - lovely it was too.

I would say that most certainly qualifies me to play next year.

Dave said...

I'm sure another 24 hours must have passed in Australia.