Saturday, September 6


Yesterday the weather was decidedly spring-like so I went down to have a look at the creek. I've been avoiding it a bit because the ground is quite swampy with all the rain and the other day I discovered (by almost falling into it) a water filled hole in the middle of the back garden. It's a couple of feet in diameter and I stuck a broom handle into it to test the depth and I think it's 2 or 3 feet deep - quite worrying. It's now covered with boards and roped off for safety, I'll tell you more about that once Tom has had the chance to investigate it properly. He has been joking that we might discover our own Naracoorte caves under the lawn....I don't think that's funny.

The late afternoon light was just right to see the Willows on the opposite bank reflected in the water. I just loved seeing the winter-bare branches twisting and gnarled in the stillness.

Upside down trees....making me a bit dizzy.


Dave said...

I take it the water crisis in Australia is over then?

Anonymous said...

No Dave, unfortunately not. We've had good rain in some areas but the position is still pretty dire because it was so bad to begin with.

Dave said...

'It was so bad to begin with'

I think you are a little harsh in your description of Australia.

Anonymous said...

Of course I meant the water situation...I think. Didn't I?

Hmm, interesting slip of the tongue (or keys) perhaps we should just move on before I get myself into trouble.