Tuesday, September 2

Ok Dave, here's Tuesday's post*

Today I went to the big smoke. I don't get to the city much, something I'm actually quite happy about. However today I had an early appointment so Tom and I went together, dropping the children off at 'before school care'** on the way. We arrived with time to spare so we decided to have a coffee together before going our separate ways - him to work, me to my appointment. It's been a long time since I could sit and watch the busy corporate world go by and I have to say it was bloody boring. Why is everyone so serious? You'd think they were all heading off to the guillotine the way they solemnly march along in their brown suits and trilbies. Perhaps they just hate their jobs. 'Back up!' I hear you cry 'what is this about trilbies?'. Well, I thought you'd never ask. Today I saw a man in a brown suit and matching trilby. Honestly. I did. I had my camera with me but really it would have just been too rude to take a photo, he'd already caught me staring at him. I wasn't staring because I thought he was a freak or anything, I was genuinely impressed, who wears 1940s suits and trilbies any more? Well apart from 'men of a certain age' and he wasn't of that certain age he was maybe in his 40s. He was, in fact, exactly like this man...(well he didn't have 'Agatha Christie' emblazoned across his face, but you know what I mean).

....he was actually at a business meeting in the café . Three other 'suits' arrived, only these ones were your standard corporate types, carrying brief cases and variety of electronic devices and wearing dark suits, white shirts and silk ties. All very normal (and boring). I liked the man in the 40s gear. His friends (colleagues...whatever) were totally unperturbed by his get-up, just business as usual which made me think this must be normal for him. I am so impressed, more people should just dress according their favourite era I think. ALthough that could be a problem if crinolines are your thing, you'd have a helluva time on the bus in one of those.

*My friend Dave has been without an internet connection while he moved house and waited to be connected again. He went to the library to post to his blog but obviously it's not the same as posting from the comfort of your own home so I didn't hear as much from him in the comments. During his 'cyber-rest' I have managed to skip the odd day posting because he wasn't available to nag me. He got his new modem yesterday and, true to form, the nagging has begun. Welcome back Dave - I missed you.

** They enjoy this so much that they have asked me to get a job so that they can go every day. So much for the sacrifices we are making so that my children can be dropped off and picked up from school daily. Hmph. Ungrateful little.... ahem..... darlings.


Dave said...

Thank you.

I would be delighted to dress in the style of the 40's. I think a gas mask and tin helmet would suit me.

Sioux said...

A very interesting view of a London morning!

Dave said...

By now surely it must be Wednesday on the other side of the world. So what's on your desk? Hope it's something exciting.

Anonymous said...

Technically yes Dave, it was Wednesday when you commented, however as keen as I am on blogging I haven't quite got to the point where I'm setting the alarm to get up and do a post.

Perhaps I should be writing them ahead of time and scheduling them to publish just after midnight?

I do hate to keep you waiting.