Monday, September 22

I have nothing to say... I am overwhelmed and undermotivated.

So I'm just going to let Matt entertain you. This is one of my favourite videos, it's been around for a few months now*, you've probably seen it, but some days I just go and watch it because it restores my faith in the human race and makes me smile. Especially on those days when I've forgotten how to enjoy life and feel like everyone who crosses my path has forgotten that as well.

I particularly like the New Guinea Highlanders and the Indian ladies. Watch it. Even if you've seen it before. Watch it again. And smile. You can dance too if you feel like it.

*I meant to say this version has been around for a few months. Matt has been dancing around the world (and making videos of it) for a couple of years now. Go Matt!


Dave said...

I do wish I'd seen this before visiting Ireland. I would certainly have done a little jig there.

Caitlin said...

That's what I thought when I saw your Giant's Causeway photos. Matt danced there...but your mountain goating was rather admirable.