Wednesday, February 4

Grace in Small Things 2

Today is one of those days when I really need to stop and reflect on the Grace in Small Things. I’d experienced a few of those little irritations that just prove what a horrible, impatient and cranky person I am. For instance, my fuel light was on (if you’ve read my 100 things page you’ll know I have an issue with putting petrol in the car). So after dropping the girls at school I headed for the nearest service station to fill up. When I got there I found queues at every pump, but that was ok, I wasn’t in a big hurry so I joined one of them. After some considerable time I noticed that my queue wasn’t moving (ain’t that the way?) I craned my neck to see what was going on and noticed that the person filling their car was at the closest pump…there was another pump in front of her…empty, no-one filling up there. That annoyed me, massive queues and a pump sitting unused…of course no-one could actually get to it because of the other cars. So I waited. And waited. I craned my neck again…she had finished filling her car (how much petrol can it possibly hold?) and now she was washing her windscreen…then her back window. The she started fiddling with her back tyre…W.T.F??? I was almost ready to explode but thought maybe I shouldn’t explode. Maybe I should contemplate the Grace in Small Things. So like a right little goody goody that’s what I did and here are today’s 5 things...

Cheaper petrol – we do quite a bit of commuting and petrol here has been up around $1.70ish a litre at times which puts enormous stress on the household budget. Today I filled up for $1.14 a litre. I’m happy and grateful for that.

My car – it may not be my dream car, but it is a reliable and comfortable little vehicle that has safely delivered us to our destinations for a couple of years now. It makes long trips with no complaint and probably doesn’t get nearly as much TLC as it deserves. Thank you car.

My iPod – I listen to it in the car when I’m not listening to Radio National (which I listen to because I am a huge nerd). On my iPod I have music, podcasts (of my favourite Radio National programs that I missed), meditations (I don’t do these in the car though), audio books and various inspirational bits and pieces. It keeps me sane. I love you iPod.

I can drive – what freedom there is in being able to drive. My mother never learned to drive (well that’s not entirely true, I do recall her having lessons but she never followed through and didn’t get a licence) and consequently she was very dependent on others, mostly Dad. When Dad died she was really left with no transport. I appreciate that I can drive and love the freedom and independence it gives me. I do not take that for granted for one minute.

Commuting – admittedly I do sometimes wish we lived closer to the school and eventually we will. Sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is trundling down the freeway morning and afternoon. However, my commute is beautiful. It may be a 3 lane freeway but it is through the Adelaide Hills and on either side there are trees and hills and greenery. It is not through some smoke filled city or barren industrial wasteland or housing estates or dull suburbs. It is here….

Adelaide Hills

and here…..


Thank you God of Commuters.


Dave said...

Hmmm. I wish I lived near hills.

Anonymous said...

You'd like it here, it's beautiful.

laoi said...

i know what you mean about the petrol...some people take forever~fiddling!

miss*R said...

to start with - in this heat, you are absolutely allowed to get angry... you see, it is all connected to the liver - the liver hates heat, and is the organ of anger.. true.

then - putting petrol in a car. I have done it maybe twice in my whole life. I am the laughing stock of my family. When I got my licence, we had people who did it for you.. then i got married and we had our own petrol bowser at our factory.. then husband started to do it for me.. true, only twice in my life.

I got my first iPod for Christmas. I love it. iTunes loves me (because I buy so many songs) and I have since discovered Italian Music. I play Italian cafe full bore while I am cleaning my home.

stay cool in this heat and remember that sometimes in life people are sent to try us ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I know Laoi, don't they? So rude and selfish (you're using the Irish spelling, I like it).

Robyn, you are absolutely right and I certainly won't be suppressing my anger, especially in this heat (I was even angry on your behalf over 'anonymous' ha ha). Lucky you never putting petrol in, I wish I never had to...must talk to Tom about that. I love Italian Cafe, but don't have any...must go and check out iTunes!

Cathy said...

I can forgive the unused bowser cos there was obviously someone there when the other car took the bowser behind it, HOWEVER, if I were that woman and had a queue of angry motorists behind me I certainly wouldn't be cleaning my car!

lol nice to see you didn't beat her to a pulp! :)