Wednesday, February 11

It just goes on and on…

Experts are reporting that more than 10,000 native animals have been lost in the bushfires, as well as domestic pets and livestock.

Some animals have been found and rescued and are receiving treatment in the hands of wildlife carers.

‘Sam’ is one of the lucky ones….

imageShe’s now with a carer and while badly burnt she’ll recover and will probably eventually be released back into the wild.

There’s more about her rescue here including a video taken on a mobile. The compassion of these fire fighting volunteers knows no limits.


Dave said...

You are all still in my prayers.

Z said...

And mine.

Mary Sharpe said...

Thank you for becoming a 'follower' of HUGH AND CAMELLIA, Bridget.

It feels a daunting project (though I'm glad I'm doing it). It's encouraging (more 'worthwhile' somehow!) to know others will be reading along.

We are hearing a lot on the (UK) news about the fires in Australia. It sounds appalling. I don't know how people can cope - and some of those interviewed seem very brave.

I like your idea of looking for the small but joyful graces of life. Odd how such a simple idea can be inspiring!

Mary Sharpe

Cathy said...

The work continues for the firefighters...and there is a very long road ahead for the survivors, but it's heartening to see so much support flooding in from around the country, and indeed, around the world.

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

this was quite a big feature in our news over here~along with the news of your weather cooling and fires being able to put out~is this right?